How to set up a 45 degree angle webcam to watch TV on your smartphone without having to plug in an external display

I’ve been using the 45 degree Angle HD webcam with my iPhone since early this year.

It’s a great setup for watching television in low-light conditions without having an external monitor plugged into the device.

It works just as well in a dark room as in daylight.

The webcam has a 4MP sensor on the front of it and a 12MP sensor to the left and right of the camera.

The camera also has a microphone and infrared sensor to detect what the user is looking at.

I’ve had the device on for a few months now and it works just fine.

Here’s how to set it up.

The 45 degree HD webcam has two modes of operation.

When you have the camera on the device, you can set the angle to 45 degrees by holding down the camera button on the side of the device (it is very subtle) and the camera will rotate to 45 degree and you can use the “L” button to rotate the camera around.

You can also set the camera to a 90 degree angle by pressing and holding down either the camera or the L button.

The 90 degree mode is only for watching TV and does not work for video, although you can adjust the camera angle from the phone’s camera app.

When the camera is set to a 45-degree angle, the screen turns off when the user moves away from the device and on when they are near the camera (the angle has to be 45 degrees or 180 degrees to make it visible on the TV screen).

In the “on” mode, the camera remains on when you’re near the device but you can turn off the camera by pressing the L or R buttons and holding the camera down.

The “off” mode is also a great way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies with the camera off, but I haven’t tried this mode yet.

When I set up the 45- degree angle with my phone, I was able to use it to capture a live broadcast of a football game and have the feed on my iPhone.

I also could set it to a 5-degree or 10-degree lens angle by turning the camera up or down and then the camera would rotate and I could see the highlights of the game.

The phone also has one camera mode that you can activate by holding the phone and the phone will automatically turn on when the camera gets very close to the screen and will automatically set the device to the camera’s angle.

The other camera mode is a “live” mode that is activated by holding both the phone (with the phone app) and camera app together.

It lets you see what’s happening in the room.

The live mode lets you get the best picture possible of what’s going on in a room and lets you control what you’re looking at with the phone.

This is the same camera mode you can see in the YouTube videos above.

The setup is very simple and there are no complicated settings, which is a big plus.

The built-in microphone allows you to hear what the device is seeing, which can be useful for listening to audio when you have headphones on.

The IR camera sensor can be set to pick up the intensity of the screen’s light and turn it into a visual reference.

You’ll see a little flash on the screen that indicates how bright the screen is when you are holding the device up to the light source.

If you want to see how bright a screen is on the back of the phone, you’ll see the flash.

If the phone is off, it will still have the IR sensor on, so you can still use it in other situations.

There are also two IR sensors on the bottom of the handset.

The first one is for video and the second is for audio.

The video camera is used for video recording, while the audio camera is for playing music.

When a video or audio is recorded, it’s then sent to the cloud so you don’t need to have your own dedicated server to play it back.

I have had the camera recording music on a few occasions and the video was pretty good.

If I were to buy an external video recorder, I would probably have to buy one of these devices in order to record a video.

The audio camera uses a Bluetooth connection to play audio over the phone connection.

The USB port can also be used to connect your headphones or a microphone to the phone to record audio.

You should always use the phone when recording audio, because the phone can’t record audio without a microphone plugged in.

The device comes with two different settings: the normal mode and the live mode.

The normal mode is the default setting.

You set the video mode from the app and then you can select how loud you want the audio to be.

The speaker volume is set from 0 to 100, which makes it easy to use with headphones.

The two modes are useful for watching movies, TV shows, and sports.

I like the live camera mode because it lets you listen

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