University of Texas graduates could have a job in the field

An article in the Texas Monthly about the graduate program at the University of Houston and its graduates says that graduates from the program are “well placed” for jobs in the fields of horticultural science and agricultural economics.

The article mentions that the program has a “strong emphasis” on the “integrated approach” to horticulturists.

The paper cites a survey by the university’s Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences that found that the average salary for an agricultural economics degree is $62,000.

That compares to the average income of $60,000 for a hortenist.

It’s unclear whether the average annual salary of the agricultural sciences degree is comparable to the amount that graduates would receive from the degree in hortensia.

That’s because a full-time agricultural science job can take up to four years to complete, and that’s what the study looked at.

But a recent survey from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, an advocacy group for the state’s agricultural industries, found that only 4% of agriculture employees in Texas had a full time job in agriculture.

That percentage was lower than the national average of 15%, and lower than that of the agriculture-intensive industries, including construction, manufacturing, and healthcare, the study found.

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