Why the U.S. won’t get to the bottom of the Zika virus outbreak

A new report from the Government Accountability Office finds that the Obama administration failed to address a growing number of problems in the federal government’s response to the Zika outbreak.

The GAO report, which was released Monday, found that there was no effective monitoring system to track the spread of the virus in the United States and that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was not able to adequately communicate with federal agencies about the spread.

“It appears that the federal response was not well thought out, was not consistent, and was poorly coordinated with other agencies,” said GAO director Paul Bedard in a statement.

The report also noted that the CDC was “too slow to react to the pandemic.”

Officials at the U, U.K., and the U to blame for the pandemics are still being held accountable, and that is not the case in the U.

“The report’s authors also noted a “failure to adequately document how the U was responding to the outbreak,” a lack of “sufficiently robust data on the efficacy of public health measures,” and “a lack of coordination with federal partners.

The lack of effective and consistent communication and oversight by the federal and state governments is troubling,” the GAO said.

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