‘It’s not fair’: Florida police officer gets suspended for ‘not paying attention’

A Florida police department is taking heat after a video showing an officer in the midst of a traffic stop is posted online.

The incident, which was caught on camera by a passerby, appears to show Officer Brian Linder being pushed to the ground after being handcuffed and then pushed back against the car window.

The officer is heard saying “it’s not a good day to be a cop” and “get the f— outta here.”

The video was posted to YouTube by a bystander who was following the officers instructions and called for an ambulance.

“They can’t put you in a chokehold,” the officer said, as he holds Linder in his arms.

“If you don’t pay attention, you’re going to get in trouble,” the bystander said.

“That’s the last thing I ever want to hear from a police officer,” the responding officer said.

The police department said it is investigating the incident and will take appropriate action.

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