How a former member of a racist and sexist fraternity was awarded a degree from a white nationalist school

In May, 2017, Nathan R. Riggs, an associate degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, was awarded the 2017 Honorary Degree in International Relations from the Spencer Institute of International Studies.

The Spencer Institute has a history of promoting white nationalism and white supremacism.

Riggens degree was awarded in recognition of his “international relations” work with the Spencer institute, which is an organization that promotes white nationalism.

The University of Chicago has a long history of being a hotbed for racism and sexism.

In 2014, the University admitted that a student who claimed to be an ally to Trump was “a white supremacist” and “a member of the white nationalist group The Order of the Temple of the Sun.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Riggs said that he had attended the university “several years ago” but he did not go on to become a member of its chapter.

Riles decision to go on a university campus was the result of a complaint he received after an article in the Chicago Reader criticized the university for allowing him to “play host” to white nationalists.

Risgens father, Richard Riggs told the Chicago Daily Tribune that his son is “a good man, a decent human being” who “has been a very good student.”

In the article, he added that his daughter had “made the most of her opportunity to join the school.”

In an email to the Tribune, a Spencer Institute spokesperson confirmed that the Spencer Institutes “has a history” of promoting “the promotion of white nationalism, white supremacy and white supremacy.”

In a statement, Spencer Institute President Jason Kenney said that the school is “very proud” of the degree awarded to Riggs.

“We look forward to working with him and his family on a joint effort to help our campus address this important issue,” Kenney wrote.

A university spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Tribune, “Spencer Institute’s Board of Trustees has no affiliation with the University.”

Riggs’ father said that his family has been receiving calls from concerned members of the public since the university received the news.

The Daily Tribune reported that the university had not responded to Riggs claims, but a university spokesperson told Breitbart News, “We are committed to the values of inclusion and tolerance that are core to our mission.”

The university spokesperson also confirmed that Riggs had “received a standing invitation to join” the Spencer chapter.

“In the course of this engagement, he became a member and shared his views,” the spokesperson said.

In a letter to Risgues family, Spencer spokesperson Scott J. Smith said that Risgras decision to attend the school was a “matter of public record.”

The letter continued, “This matter was reported to the University in late April by a member, and the University responded to this public record request.

“He is a well-known member of our student body, and we were pleased to have him join the University. “

We do not plan to disclose further details of the relationship between him and the school at this time.” “

He is a well-known member of our student body, and we were pleased to have him join the University.

We do not plan to disclose further details of the relationship between him and the school at this time.”

Risges father also told the Daily Chicago Tribune that he was “shocked” by Riggs decision to “join the school” and that he has “never heard of any university denying a student their chance to become an active member of campus.”

Rigg’s decision to enroll at the university was “unconscionable,” Risgs father said.

“There are no exceptions to the principle of inclusion.

It is a very simple and simple rule that every person should have the opportunity to attend college and live here,” Rigg said.

The Chicago Tribune reported, “Riggs said he was shocked when he learned that his father would have to leave the university.

‘It was a shock to me that someone like this would take that chance,’ Riggs recalled.

‘I was hoping that this would not be my father.

But when you get a chance to go to a school like this, I think that it should be your father.'”

Riggs was also a member on the Spencer chapters website.

RISGENS father, who has not yet spoken with his son, expressed his disappointment with the decision.

“It’s really disappointing,” he told the Tribune.

“I’m not going to go into it.

I’m not sure how to react.”

Rises daughter, Lauren Riggs added that she was “sickened” by her father’s decision.

The father said, “I am a very private person and I do not go out and go talk about it.

That’s how it is.

I was hoping it would not come out that my

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