3rd degree burn victim says she’s not afraid to tell people she’s burned

A woman who says she was burned by a co-worker while working as an online architecture degree candidate has filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the website.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in San Francisco federal court, claims the online architecture company “did not take reasonable steps to protect the plaintiff’s reputation and reputation of the company,” and claims the company “has intentionally failed to protect plaintiff’s reputations.”

The lawsuit says that the company is owned by the same person who owns the online design studio, DesignBits, which is listed as a director on the company’s website.

The lawsuit also says that DesignBats has no relationship with the company.

The suit says the company didn’t “ensure that Plaintiff’s reputation was maintained.”

The suit claims that the lawsuit is “an attempt to intimidate plaintiff, and to silence her speech.”

The suit also says the suit is “a direct and overt assault on plaintiff’s right to free speech.”

It seeks unspecified damages.

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