Rutgers University students will earn the degree to kill, according to exercise science degree

RUTGERS, N.J. — Students will get their exercise science degrees to kill from Rutgers University this fall, but they’ll also be required to complete a course that can be used in court.

According to a news release from the Rutgers University System, the Rutgers Exercise Science Department (SESD) will begin offering the exercise science bachelor’s degree to students in the fall.

The degree will be awarded to students who are completing at least one semester of the program and who demonstrate the ability to perform a variety of physical activities, according the news release.

The SESD is the first exercise science department in New Jersey and is expected to be the first department in the state to offer the degree.

“The exercise science program provides students with a unique opportunity to develop and enhance their fitness, physical and mental health, and athletic performance through rigorous physical and cognitive exercises, along with a commitment to community service, academic achievement, and academic excellence,” said Andrea Zorich, executive director of the SESP.

“This program allows students to develop skills that can lead to the fulfillment of a variety in the field of exercise science, including physical fitness, exercise physiology, and sport medicine.”

Students will be able to earn the exercise sciences degree through either the University of New Jersey System, Rutgers University, the New Jersey State Athletic Commission or through an approved non-profit.

Students who are accepted to the program will be evaluated by a faculty committee and the university will decide if they have a place in the program.SES students will also be eligible to receive a degree in exercise science through the National Association of Exercise Science Instructors.

SesD Dean of Students Karen Zemel confirmed to The Associated Press that SES students would be able earn the SesD’s exercise science major to kill in 2019.

Zemell said that while there will be an optional class that will prepare students for the course, the students will not be required for the required coursework.

Students will earn an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science through a four-year program.

Students can complete the Sessd’s exercise sciences major at any time and can continue their training after graduation.

If a student graduates with a degree, the Sessord will then work to establish the Sustainability, Health, and Fitness Program.

The department said it plans to launch the SresD program in the spring of 2019.

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