‘Bodies on the line’ as Irish rugby’s most successful team faces a major challenge

On Monday, the most successful Irish rugby team of all time faces a huge challenge: the most talented players will need to work for themselves.

The players who have won the most caps, medals, tries, tries scored and conversions are all men.

They have all won at least one of the four European Rugby Championship crowns.

The best-performing men’s team is comprised of seven Irish men, who have combined to make up the most prolific and successful Irish side of the last 10 years.

There are a few players from other nations on the team who are not Irish and have won European Rugby Championships under different banners: the Irish rugby coach is a British rugby legend, the Irish captain is a Canadian international, the first-choice scrumhalf is a former French All Blacks captain.

All this means that a team with a very successful history will need all of these players to work at their best, for themselves and for the team.

It will also be up to the players themselves to decide how they want to spend the time off the field.

There will be no shortage of opportunities to get on with the game.

That’s a challenge that the players will have to tackle.

The Rugby Championship is the best-funded event in rugby union, with millions of dollars invested into it each year.

That money is vital to the success of the Irish men’s side.

The Irish men have never won a European Championship, but that’s only because they are the only team that has never won the tournament.

Their next match will be against Wales on the last weekend of September.

Ireland have to win that match, then a third-place tie against the Irish Lions at home, before playing in the Six Nations, where they are currently seventh.

The team is not a long-term prospect, and if the current season goes the way it is expected to, it may not even be able to qualify for the tournament for another five years.

The main factor that could see them missing out on the tournament is that they will have no time off after that.

“We’re not going to play for a year, so it’s hard to say,” said Irish scrum-half Michael Healy, the team’s captain.

“It’s tough when the team is doing so well, because it’s very hard to find the time.

We’ll just have to focus on the game, and work hard.”

It will be a test for the players, and for their teammates, but it will also mean that they are going to be judged by their own ability.

“The big thing is we’re all here to work together and to be on the same page,” said lock Kieran Read.

“If we’re not doing that, then it’s not good for us as players and it’s a big blow to the team.”

A tough week ahead The first test of the season is against Wales in Cardiff on Sunday, and there is plenty to be worried about.

Both teams have won just once in their last three games, and their opponents are looking to be the better team.

In the other game they face, the Lions, they beat the British and Irish Lions in Cardiff two weeks ago.

They won the last game against the Lions.

Wales are currently the top-ranked team in the world, but there is a lot to be nervous about.

There have been seven wins out of eight meetings between the sides, with the teams having won only one of those five games.

The Welsh will be hoping to do something different to their record against the best sides in the game on Sunday.

They haven’t lost a match at Twickenham, and the home team have won three of their last four away games, which is good news for the Irish.

However, they have only won one of their past four matches at home.

That means the team will be looking to build on the two wins they had against the Welsh last week and get a result against the defending champions, England, to keep themselves in the mix for a top-three finish.

That could be the toughest test for their players.

The game starts at 7.45pm, and it is a fixture that will not only be tough to predict, but could also be the most important of the rest of the competition.

The teams will be split into halves, with each side playing five minutes at the other end.

They will have a maximum of 20 minutes between them and the first team.

Wales have already won four of the five games this season.

Their most recent win over the Lions was on Sunday against the All Blacks, and they have won two of their previous three matches.

Wales lead the league by six points at the moment, but they have played their home games in Cardiff and Cardiff Blues.

Wales also hold a 10-point advantage over Ireland in the standings.

The last time Wales played in Cardiff was in 2011, and Wales won the match, 26-24.

Wales were beaten in the final of the 2015

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