‘I’m not the only one with an economics degree’: How students are changing jobs in India

A young Indian woman says her economics degree is not enough to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor or engineer, so she wants to go back to school.

Shiva Bhargava has a second degree in civil engineering from University of Wisconsin, and says her goal is to become a doctor, but that she cannot afford the costs.

She says she has no money to buy a house or to travel abroad.

“I’ve applied for every job I can, I’m not qualified for the jobs I applied for, I can’t even go to university,” she said.

“But I have an economics certificate and I have some degrees.

I am ready to study for the second degree, but I don’t want to go to the first or second degree.”

If I had a second bachelor’s degree, I would study for it.

I would get the degree and then I would go for a job.

“Shiva, who has been working in the public sector for the past four years, said her first choice would be to work in the private sector.

She is now working in a government job in the field of finance, but says that even though she has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from University, she still needs to work.”

In the private industry, you have to have a degree.

You have to know how to do the job, you must know the process of working,” she added.”

When I was in college, I studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and then went to university, I got a Bachelor in Economics degree, and then a Masters in Economics.

I could have studied for one year and then got a Master in Economics, but in the case of me, I am not qualified.

“So I am in this situation where I want to get a second BA.

It’s not going to be an easy job, I need to work hard,” she explained.

The Government has said that the minimum wage will be doubled from Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 per month by 2022, which will benefit many people working in public sector.

“As a young person who is not working for the government, it’s not something I can do, so I am working as a freelance journalist, and I want the government to support my career,” said Shivas mother, Deepika.

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