What’s next for the world’s most famous atheist?

A recent Gallup poll shows that there is an increasing percentage of people worldwide who believe that God is a myth.

Atheists are now the fastest growing religious group in the world, according to a study published by the Pew Research Center.

But some atheists are questioning the religious beliefs that are being spread around them and whether or not they are making a difference in the way people live their lives.

The Pew study found that atheists are the fastest-growing religious group worldwide.

According to the study, there are more than 10 billion atheists worldwide.

And that number is rising faster than the number of Christians, Muslims and Hindus combined.

“What I am really seeing is that there are many more atheists in the United States, and a lot more atheists living in Europe,” said James Anderson, an atheist from Ohio who runs a podcast called The Atheist’s Guide to the Universe.

Anderson said he’s been traveling for a decade and has seen an increase in atheists in Europe.

“People are really open to new perspectives, and I’m starting to see a lot of that in the U.S.,” Anderson said.

He said he has seen a dramatic rise in the number and variety of atheist podcasts that are gaining popularity.

For example, the podcast The Secular Utopia recently hit more than 150,000 subscribers and has been watched by more than 11 million people.

The SecularUtopia is an atheist podcast that covers a variety of topics.

The most recent episode, titled “Why we believe in the supernatural,” features guests such as philosopher Brian Greene and the comedian Tim Robbins.

“There are lots of different kinds of atheism, and there’s a lot to explore and engage with,” Anderson said, adding that his show is an antidote to the way that some atheists try to “distract” people.

“We’re all on the same side of the argument, we’re all trying to convince each other of what’s true and what’s not true,” he said.

Anderson said he believes atheists are taking a stand against a growing trend in the Western world.

“This is a big problem in the West, and the idea that you can get away with just saying, ‘I’m an atheist,’ and then going to some atheist event and preaching is just insane,” he explained.

Anderson told ABC News he believes that secular humanism is gaining ground and that his podcast is an attempt to counter that trend.

“I don’t see any real evidence that we’re making a dent in religion,” Anderson told ABC.

“But I think the reason why I’m getting these questions is because I’m just so interested in this.

I’ve been a little bit skeptical for a long time,” he added.

Anderson believes that the trend of atheism has been driven by a combination of factors.

“A lot of people think of atheism as a bad thing,” Anderson added.

“I think atheism is a positive thing.”ABC News reached out to many of the hosts of the Secular Conversations podcast who agreed that atheism is not the answer to the global problems of the world.

In addition to Greene, Robbins, Greene and Anderson, the group has been featured on a number of Fox News programs and is featured on the new documentary “Godless,” which is directed by comedian Andy Richter.

In the documentary, the six hosts discuss the world around them from a variety to a specific area of atheism.

The documentary also explores the impact atheism can have on people, and many of them say that the religious views are being promoted and spread more and more.

Richter, a host of the popular Fox News talk show “The Big Story,” said that his group is not against atheism.

“They’re not against it.

But it’s a different form of religion,” Richter said.

“They’re just trying to bring the religion back in a different way.”

Richter said he thinks atheism is important because it brings people together.

“You’re bringing people together because you’re not doing anything that makes them look bad or un-American.

I’m not going to bring in any bad guys, I’m going to put them in a position where they can understand that you’re helping people, but they’re also going to feel that you have a mission, that you are trying to solve some of these big problems in the country,” Richters said.

Richters said he hopes to bring some atheists together with him when he travels to Australia in January to speak at a conference.

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