How to get the PhD degree you want

What you need to know about a PhD degree in interior design: What you’ll need to learn to complete your degree at university, what the qualifications are and what you need help with to get started.

What you will need to complete Your degree will be awarded by a UK university and will be subject to a degree assessment process.

You’ll have a year to complete the degree in one of the following ways: You’ll complete the Bachelor of Design degree at a university outside the UK You’ll attend a Design School in the UK and pass the Design Assessment test You’ll undertake a four-month apprenticeship in an independent design company.

You will have the opportunity to take the Design Test again at the end of the four months You’ll take a Design Assessment in London for a further two years, during which you’ll have to complete a Design Practicum and take the Graduate Certificate in Interior Design.

You can also work towards a PhD from a UK-based university, but it’s not guaranteed.

To be eligible for a degree you’ll either need to have completed a minimum of 12 credits or the degree is approved for the first time.

You also need to demonstrate the degree will allow you to: prepare for the work of an architect or designer Your coursework and thesis work will be approved by the Design Council You’ll need a UK address You will need a passport and be able to pass a UK border security check Your degree is also subject to the UK’s Design Inspectorate (DIE), which assesses whether your degree meets the requirements for the certification you need.

Here are the requirements: What the degree includes The coursework will cover: design fundamentals such as materials, technology and materials usage You’ll also be given a brief on what your design work will involve, including what your main tasks will be.

Your design work and thesis will also include a detailed report on the work you’ve completed.

What the qualification is for What you should know about the qualifications you need: you’ll get your degree through a Design Council-approved design school, which will have a design school assessment process

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