‘Blessed’ teacher with a PhD degree teaches online education

The teacher with an M.B.A. degree in education has taught online courses online for more than 20 years.

The teacher, identified as Bimal Chaudhary, teaches a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching and has been teaching online courses for more then five years.

He is also a certified professional in the field of education.

Bimal has been an avid online learner and has taught many online courses.

He has been on the faculty of the Faculty of Education at the University of Kerala for more the last six years.

He started teaching online from an early age and has a strong passion for teaching online.

He believes that the online education market is booming and that the demand for online education is on the rise.

“When we started teaching, online education was very expensive, but nowadays the cost of tuition is much cheaper.

Online education is getting bigger and the demand is increasing,” he said.

The teacher said that he would like to teach online courses in other subjects too.

He wants to teach courses like computer programming, chemistry and art history.

“I would like students to be exposed to various disciplines through the courses.

I want them to be able to learn from a variety of perspectives, so that they can grow,” he added.

Bimal has started online education courses in the areas of Computer Programming, Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Music, Film, Math, English and Mathematics.

He also teaches online courses on other subjects such as photography, dance, photography and theatre.

He said that his students are learning at a faster rate now as compared to when he started teaching.

I have always loved teaching, he said, adding that he was motivated to start teaching online due to the increasing demand for higher education.

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