When you don’t understand the Bible, it can hurt you

A Christian in New York City is facing a class action lawsuit after a doctor told him he would likely die if he didn’t have an emergency appendectomy in time.

The New York Times reported the doctor had warned the patient that he might need the surgery if he ever needed to have it.

The patient had been in a coma for three months and was suffering from severe dehydration, the lawsuit says.

The doctor had told him that he had an infection and that the appendectomy would only make the situation worse, the Times said.

The lawsuit claims the doctor also told the patient he had a risk of dying from an organ failure if he did not have an operation within 24 hours.

The plaintiff, who is in his 20s, is suing for damages and has requested an injunction to prevent the doctors from practicing medicine without a license.

The New Jersey-based lawyer who filed the lawsuit, Robert E. Shumway, said the case is similar to a lawsuit that is already under way in Florida over the same problem.

He said the patient is suing because of the doctor’s failure to act in the immediate aftermath of the surgery.

The case has been assigned to the Second District Court of Appeal in Manhattan.

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