Man finds himself stuck in the middle of a merger

An online degree is getting the attention of a group of parents hoping it can boost their son’s chances of becoming a doctor.

Mark Jansen’s son is studying medicine and is currently a lecturer in medicine at the University of Queensland.

But his father says he can’t compete with the growing number of online degree courses.

“It’s a huge opportunity and there’s a lot of potential in the field,” Mr Jansen said.

“But at the moment, it’s just a bit of a nightmare for him to have to go through.”

“It just makes it more difficult to take the online course, so he’d better get a different career, otherwise he’ll end up having to work as a doctor.”

In fact, Mr Jensen’s son has already chosen to leave his job at a local hospital to take a course online instead.

“He just decided that he wanted to be a doctor,” Mr Kline said.

Mr Jansen says the online education program could help his son become a better doctor.

“I just think it’s a really great way to keep him busy,” he said.

He’s been in contact with a number of employers interested in offering their students the opportunity to take online courses.

Mr Kline says it’s important for his son to get a good education.

“If we can help him, we’re sure he’ll be a great doctor and that’s what we’re all about, and it’ll be great for his future,” he added.

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