We understand her, we (sorta) like her…it’s time to speak about Emily – especially Emily in Paris. 

For 3 periods, this Netflix program produced by Darren Celebrity has actually premiered yearly with a brand-new tale an American that took a trip to Paris for her task as well as located satisfaction in the City of Light. While the program itself has actually attracted objection as well as had lots of minutes that don’t make sense, it’s continued, displaying the wonderful world of Paris and all it has to offer – and now, it’s going to be back for Season 4. 

The fashionable drama isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and now, we have some details on what you can expect in the next season. From who might be back to what the next season is going to be about, here are some quick things we know about Emily in Paris Season 4. 

Emily and her boss in Emily in Paris.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Season 4 Is Already In Production

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